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To add to the beauty and festivity of the services, and to signify their special ministries, the clergy and other ministers wear vestments. The clergy usually wears the alb, a white tunic with sleeves that covers the body from neck to ankles. Over it, ordained ministers wear a stole, a narrow band of colorful fabric. Deacons wear the stole over one shoulder, priests and bishops over both shoulders.

At the Eucharist, a priest or bishop may wear a chasuble (a circular garment that envelopes the body) over the alb and stole.  Bishops sometimes wear a special head covering called a miter.

Stoles, chasubles, and dalmatics, as well as altar coverings, are usually made of rich fabrics. Their color changes with the seasons and holy days of the church year. The most frequently used colors are blue, purple, white, green and red. In general, blue is used for Advent , purple for Lent, white for Christmas and Easter, green for the seasons of Epiphany and Pentecost and red for martyrs' days and saints' days.

If you'd like to find out more about the Episcopal Church or about joining The Church of the Epiphany, please speak to any member of the clergy.